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In Buddhism there's this great concept of near-enemies and far-enemies. Two things are far-enemies if they are polar opposites: the far enemy of compassion is cruelty. But near-enemies are more subtle: they seem very similar at first, but when you look deeper, they're still opposites. The near-enemy of compassion, for example, is pity. They kind of seem like the same thing, because both mean you "feel bad" for someone else, but compassion is dignified and brings you closer together. Pity is condescending. It distances you from the other person.

Far-enemies aren't that interesting to me because they're pretty obvious. Polar opposites. Ho-hum. But I love near-enemies, because there's a lot to talk about in the subtlety.

So let's talk about two of the biggest near-enemies of all: self-consciousness and self-awareness.

Superficially, they seem very similar. Both of them are about paying attention to yourself, your thoughts, words, and actions in the present moment.

Meditation and me.

On Teen Contentment

I decided to start writing my blog again because I just read in a new blog post by Leo Babauta which made me understand about the importance of writing blogs.

Meditation is something I have always read about but I could never incorporate it into my life.I have now finally understood the importance of meditation because of the awesome guidance I received from Headspace.

So headspace is 'CEO'ed' by Andy Puddycombe who is an ex-monk from the Himalaya's who returned to the 'modern' world to demystify meditation. I took the free take 10 program from headspace in which Andy would guide us for 10 minutes daily for 10 days. it was OK, nothing great.

It was only when I started doing it on my own that I fully understood the power of meditation. I am mostly immobile, but after 10 minutes of unguided meditation I felt soo alive that I wanted to jump all around. At that moment I thought I could do ANYTHING.

Let me be honest with my readers. I am having difficulty in making this a habit even when all I have to do is sit and pay attention(read 'nothing' instead of 'sit and pay attention'). But I have understood the power of transformation meditation holds and I would seriously recommend it to everyone out there wishing their life was a little more 'light'.

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