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Difficult Conversations

I had a post written about difficult conversations. It was quite reasonable. Then I read this article by Clayton Christensen on the Harvard Business Review, and specifically this quote:

"Management is the most noble of professions if it’s practiced well. No other occupation offers as many ways to help others learn and grow, take responsibility and be recognized for achievement, and contribute to the success of a team. More and more MBA students come to school thinking that a career in business means buying, selling, and investing in companies. That’s unfortunate. Doing deals doesn’t yield the deep rewards that come from building up people."

I read that and realized my post was far too tame and this topic is incredibly important. So I wrote this post instead:

Having difficult conversations is one of your fundamental responsibilities in living. Difficult conversations are the very essence of love, intimacy, and generosity. And every time you postpone or avoid one out of fear you are wasting your precious life, failing in your responsibilities to others, and acting out of cowardice.


On The Tiny Octopus

A two-fer - double whammy follow up to the post I made just minutes ago at

http://sett.com/thetinyoctopus/overanxiety-worrying-insanity-and-the-possible-cure-for-these-ills. Similar to Metallica's Unforgiven song which has 3 parts and each one just really hits home. Obscure but relevant reference imo.

Most (if not all people) don't really live their lives - they just play games within them. You think you are all high and mighty reading these SETT articles and working on your self improvement and working on your life and bulking up and learning how to invest and expanding your consciousness with travel and good habits and hard hitting realizations regarding business and the opposite gender etc etc... You haven't been really living life. You haven't been present in your life. You've just been lost in thought and running inside a hamster wheel created by your mind.

This is the true Matrix sh*t right here folks. All of the above is all well and good and is part of your soul growth but here's the clincher. Like any novel or movie every good game comes to an end. And this you know to be obvious and true. You don't live forever. You don't remember everything. Time will pass regardless of what you think of it. Loved ones will die. Buildings will rise and crumble. Your favorite childhood escapes will become parking lots. The party will always end sometime. Your looks will fade. Your health will decay. You will be forgotten. Your mind will block this truth subconsciously and in the small moments you have the idle time to process it your mind will retreat in sheer terror and bury it even deeper than it did last time. Your mind will create more games and more illusions and more matrixies(is this a proper plural rofl) inside the matrix to keep you distracted from the truth. The truth that your mind is part of the game and like the game it will eventually end.

Even if the end doesn't come for you or you've created the barriers of wealth, happiness, peace, etc... to ward them off maybe you'll reach some sort of strange insanity like I have in which no matter how far you've distanced yourself from the terror within it always finds a way to creep up to you and drown out your thoughts until you can no longer control the never-ending negativity. You see you know this to be true as well. Everyone with over x million dollars isn't living in some sort of ecstatic ascended bliss - they have problems too - and sometimes even much more so than those who have absolutely nothing. Sure they've created a bigger sandwall to hold back the flood but the realization of the truth of our world pours from an infinite well. You can run away - and yes some of us run far - farther than our own physical lives - but if you believe in reincarnation it will just creep up on you at a later date. If not then pat yourself on the back since from blackness you've came and unto blackness you shall return!!! Unfortunately if you believe that then you are even more aware of the terror than most as you know once your physical shell dies all will cease.

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