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That's a picture of me drinking a strawberry lemonade.


I've spent most of my career - half my life, as of this writing - making videogames. I'm a computer programmer. I manage teams, too, and a lot of my thinking is around the work of management: how do we work with other people? How do we help others do better work? How do we help people grow?

I've done a lot of cooking. I've done a bunch of woodworking. I've given a bunch of talks at industry conferences. I like to travel. And so on.

Deep Water Soloing

On The Nosy Moth

Deep Water Soloing, by Suprada on Flickr.

Deep water Soloing, Thailand

In Thailand, we decided to try Deep Water soloing. For those not into climbing terminology, Deep Water Soloing or DWS is a form of solo climbing (without any ropes or protection) which depends on the presence of water at the base of the climb. The climbers seek routes generally at high tide, climb it, and when done, let go and jump into the water. Then they climb back to the base of the cliff to climb again, or to the boat to rest.

We went to Tonsai beach and signed up for the DWS trip with Wee\'s climbing school. On Friday, the boat came to pick us up. Apart from Mitesh and me, there were a group of British students out on a holiday, and a few guys from Wisconsin. This photo shows them, one girl on the left, Katie, trying a hard route and a few guys on the right climbing easier routes.

Technical Details: Camera: Canon Powershot G9 Exposure: f/2.8 at 1/320s ISO: 80 Flash: Off WB: Daylight

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