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Balancing Act

I've been thinking a lot about balance lately. I keep catching myself treating it like a state, a way that things can be: "Everything is in balance." It's an alluring fantasy, especially when I'm stressed because I can look forward to some future where I've done all the work and things are in balance and the stress is all gone.

Saman Bouldering

On The Nosy Moth

Saman Bouldering, by Suprada on Flickr.

Saman Bouldering, Phra Nang beach, Railay, Thailand.

Back in July I was in Thailand with Mitesh, my husband. We went there intending to climb the gorgeous limestone cliffs on beaches next to blue blue waters. And we were certainly not disappointed. On our first evening there, we wandered over to the Phra Nang beach intending to boulder. There we saw the impressive sight of Saman, an employee of the national park bouldering. He was very self effacing and was talking about how he did \"some" climbing. Boy, did we see how much the \"some" climbing turned out to be. He was essentially free-soloing some climbs which others climb roped. We were were gawking along with Pete, another boulderer, at Saman\'s remarkable climbing.

Talking to Pete, we found out that he was, along with his wife Fiona were on a world tour. They started in their home in Scotland to South America and were making their way back home across the world in 365 days. Their travel blog, Pete and Fiona\'s travel blog makes very interesting reading. See if you can read their account of their time in Bolivia...

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